Unique ramen made with Aged soy sauce, aged noodles, Iwachu pork

"Chu-ka Soba Mitsufuji" in a quiet residential area of ​​ Meguro, Tokyo
Opened in 2014 as a ramen specialty store.
The owner, who was born and raised in a Japanese soba restaurant and who studied cooking at

a Traditional Japanese restaurant aims through repeated trial and error.
Simple but tasty ramen

Aged Soy sauce Ramen 

The soy sauce sauce based on "aged soy sauce prepared from cedar barrels from Kagawa prefecture" was subjected to the technique of a long-established soba restaurant. One of our proud cups, which has a rich flavor and rich flavor of homemade perfume in one.

Spicy Aged Soy Sauce Ramen

Uses "homemade flavored chili oil" made by adding Chinese spices to Shimane peppers. Moderate spiciness, spice flavor, scented scent, and an exciting bowl of addictive.

Ramen with Tamago Kake Gohan(egg on rice) and Homemade raw Tukudani

A long-selling product from Mitsufuji, which is made with Yamagata brand first-class rice, Cage-free eggs, and home-made raw Tsukudani in a small bowl of rice.


<Selected Ingredients>


Aged Soy Sauce from Shodoshima

Its taste is rich and delicate.

The natural brewed soy sauce produced by Shodoshima in Kagawa Prefecture, craftsmanship, and old-fashioned Osugi barrels, which is made using materials that are two years old and more than twice the usual amount.

Custom-made noodles of domestic wheat

​Aged at low temperature for several days and slowly aged. Aged noodles have a firm texture, umami and smoothness, and enhance the taste of soup.

Iwachu pork from Iwate prefecture

Iwachu pork, which has won the highest award at numerous product fairs as a specialty pig from Iwate prefecture. It is proof of its quality, which is pure white with a moderate amount of fat, juicy, mellow flavor, and deep flavor.


 "Iwachu pork" flesh is cooked gently and slowly

Soup with a rich flavor, including Rausu kelp from Hokkaido

We mixed Japanese-style soup stock using high-quality ingredients


Rice oil combined with flavored vegetables, high-quality animal fats and oils from Iwachu pork

Three layers of umami and flavor combined with a rich homemade balm

Matched to a Ramen


Uses freshly-polished Yamagata prefecture brand first-class rice

With a new texture that combines a solid graininess and a moderate toughness

Characteristic of the original sweetness of rice


<Take-out / delivery>


Reception time

11:00 ~ 16:00

how to order

In addition to over-the-counter or telephone, we will receive delivery with the following application

Phone: 070-5563-0032


​中華蕎麦 熟成醤油   ¥880



中華蕎麦 辛味薫香正油   ¥1080



替え玉麵1人前140g(生麺)   ¥200


平飼い有精卵の味玉   ¥200


岩中豚の炙り焼きチャーシュー増量 ¥500

中華蕎麦 三藤